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We are a family run ranch, called ST Bar, located in South Western Montana. We are dedicated to raising beef that is treated humanely throughout the animal's life. We believe in restoring the health of the Montana soil by responsibly grazing our cattle.

We are devoted to honoring the Montana Ranching Lifestyle and believe it is our responsibility to pitch in to help end hunger in Montana.


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Ben Little

Lover of the land, outdoor recreation and all things ranching. It's a privilege to be a steward of this piece of Montana.

Liz Little

Committed to a hands on approach to honoring the Montana Ranching Lifestyle. Eager to treat all ranch animals with kindness while appreciating our time in the Montana outdoors. Liz is an active board member of the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group


Sammy Little

Medical School Student with a passion for the health of the land and the vitality of our animals.  Sammy is a founding member of F.A.R.M. (Furthering Access to Rural Medicine) at Harvard Medical School.

Tyler Little

Management consultant who is dedicated to detail in his work and devoted to hard work outdoors in the Montana ranching lifestyle.

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